You may live long away from your Maitresse, you may have few opportunities to visit in person. You may be so heavily involved with your work schedules or your family commitments, or both, that regular visits are out of the question.  You may be a novice in the realms of D/s and BDSM, seeking to discover yourself and uncover your needs, but are daunted by immediate personal contact. You may have a serious deep kink for remote control by a woman you never meet. Or you may just be very, very shy. My REMOTE CONTROL regime is designed for you.

Not only designed for you, it may even be partly designed by you, as I shall be seeking regular feedback and input into my regimen. This is a new, evolving project, and I am inviting you, if you are the right person (and if you’ve read this far you may be), to explore with me the beta version of this exciting new project. For me, this is a fantastic new adventure of the mind, and probes into that deep inner space where Mistress knows her slave with incredible and rare intimacy.

It is not an easy option for a slave. I will require contact, response and feedback, and you will need to prove that you are truly following the programme. Various aspects have been adapted from the SLAVE TRAINING PROGRAMME  and the regime will vary from individual to individual, especially as I get to know you better by your feedback and responses. We will have daily contact via email, chat and texts, supplemented by occasional phone and (possibly) skype sessions; you will have instructions to fulfil, tasks to accomplish and adventures to pursue, and your responses and feedback will be carefully assessed as I endeavour to know you like no-one has ever known you and control you in ways you only dare dream of. This will be in your life as a constant present reality and not a day will go by that is not altered by your remote submission.

I am extremely excited by the possibilities of this new project. Each journey will be strange and different for me, as I will be responding to the unique you.

We may never meet, and yet we will know each other intimately and forge a psycho-sexual connection that will blow our minds. I have no doubt also, that there will be someone who, after going on this journey with me, will step beyond the screen and find me physically. But by the time we first meet, you will already be mine.

This is a brand new adventure for me, and I will be learning on my feet. You will be my first Remote Control subjects, and helping me to develop and evolve the programme. For this reason, I am offering an introductory fee for the first subjects of £750 a month. However, you will be required to commit to at least three months, as I anticipate a great deal of mental and emotional effort as I get to know and probe you. It would not be good to put such effort in and then have you flake out on me. This offer won’t be on here for long, so snap it up slaves!

As this is the one journey I will take without an intitial meeting, it is important that your initial contact with me is articulate, informative and personal. I need to know who you are, after all, to be able to learn how to control you, stimulate you, shock you, encourage you, punish and reward you. So write to me, with the headline ‘Remote Control’. Tell me what you can about yourself, and what you need and desire.

I can’t wait.